James Blinds


James Blinds is proud to be Nationwide Realty Investor's preferred vendor for manual and motorized roller shades for the Parks Edge East and West buildings located in the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio. 

We are also proud to partner with companies whose products are not only made in the USA, but also have the highest dedication to green standards and the environment.

Shades are manufactured by Draper Inc. in Spiceland, Indiana. The Parks Edge building standard is a fabric manufactured by Phifer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

We look forward to working with you! Please contact to us at info@jamesblinds.com to arrange a time to discuss the details of your new unit.

Available Options


  • The Parks Edge building standard fabric is SheerWeave Basic 3% V22, charcoal grey. This is a light filtering fabric that allows light in even when the shade is down.  VIEW SPECS
  • We also provide a black out solid fabric for more privacy, the SunBloc SB9000.  VIEW SPECS
Sheerwave Basic 3% Charcoal/Grey

Sheerwave Basic 3% Charcoal/Grey

Sunbloc SB9040 Grey

Sunbloc SB9040 Grey



  • Top down
  • Dual top down
  • Bottom up


  • Shades can be clutch driven on a chain, controlled manually
  • Shades can be motorized, controlled by remote 


In some cases you have the option of choosing between multiple smaller shades or one larger shade. There are trade-offs in both cases. 

  • The single large shade requires a horizontal hem. 
  • Multiple smaller shades have vertical gaps that could allow light in if viewed at an angle. One option to eliminate this is the addition of a "U" channel (painted to match the existing grey framing) that the shade sits inside. 
  • In units that have pillars by the windows, shades will but up against the pillar and have a small vertical gap or you could elect to install a "U" channel. 

Draper Product Videos

Draper's Bottom-Up FlexShade

Draper's Motorized Dual Roller FlexShades

Draper's Motorized Flexshades

Draper's Manual Clutch FlexShade XD window shades